SWICED1000 UART WiFi Modules

Hot Embedded Wireless LAN Controller Module with antenna IEEE802.11 b/g/n

This is a complete WiFi MCU module which is designed for embedded wireless solution and a cost-effective, low power capabilities high performance MCU in M2M applications. wicedIt includes standards-based wired and wireless technologies to enable IP infrastructures for smart grid, smart home, security, building automation, toys, robots, remote health and wellness monitoring and other M2M applications. The module integrates ARM CortexTM-M3 MCU, clock, WIFi and front end into a smallest form factor. It is based on Broadcom IEEE802.11 b/g/n antenna diversity single-stream Broadcom align technology.

Thus, it can be used to enable wireless connectivity to the simplest existing sensor products with minimal engineering effort. The solution is provided as a module to reduce development time, lower manufacturing costs, save board space, ease certification, and minimize RF expertise required. Additionally it is provided as a complete platform solution including software drivers, sample applications, API guide, user documentation and a world-class support community.

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ngofar Inc. is funded by a group of experienced design engineers. The mission of Ongofar is to provide the highest performance secure network platform for system integrator or service provide to set up next generation network platform. Our team is experienced in ARM,building MIPS and Power-PC architecture, especially in Xscale and Freescale.

We are not only providing hardware solution, we also offer Linux-based application specified software based on our network platform. Our mechanical engineer experienced in ruggedized box design with IP-65 class. Beside design service, we also offer manufacturing service for producing quality high end hardware with flexibility and quick turn around time. The product quality has been verified by world class customers and widely deployed in IP-based automation, monitoring and surveillance system.

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